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Legal Questions and Answers on COVID-19

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    Review these common questions to find current COVID-19 legal information. Access links to government websites to read the most recent COVID news and policy changes. Information is sourced from more than 20 organizations. Topics include: Health, Work, Family, BC Courts, Legal Help and Consumer Law.

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    Legal Help

    Sometimes, everyday life issues can become legal problems. Law is complicated and it’s hard to know your legal rights and options. You need help, right? Discover free legal help services and resources that can help you deal with your legal issue.

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    Representing Yourself

    Each year, thousands of British Columbians address their legal disputes without hiring a lawyer. Are you representing yourself? Start by reading this section. You will find practical resources to help you apply the law, build your case and prepare for a hearing or trial.

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    BC Courts & Tribunals

    Have a legal issue? Learn more about your rights and options. Understand if your legal issue will be resolved in court or through a government board or tribunal. Discover the steps you need to take to move your legal dispute forward. You can also find resources on settling disputes, without going to a court or tribunal.

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    Family Law

    If you are separating or going through a divorce, you probably have a lot of questions. LegalHelpBC provides a series of common family law questions to get you started on the right path. Learn your legal rights and options. Understand which laws apply to your situation and which court to go to.

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    Are you or a family member involved in a crime? You likely have questions and this is a great place to start. Learn about your rights when dealing with police, or if you receive a summons or appearance notice. Understand BC’s criminal justice process and how your case will move through the courts.