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How can I get free or low cost legal help?

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Jan 24, 2023

Start with Ask JES.

To access this free service, call, chat live or text your question using the information in the green column on the right. 

  • Ask JES provides legal help information and referrals 
  • Get legal help to take the next step to move forward with your legal issue
  • Each year, Ask JES provides free answers to thousands of legal questions

Family Law: Issues related to separation, divorce, protection orders and adoption. 

Civil Law: Issues related to agreements between people and organizations. This includes issues related to employment, housing, lawsuits, and other legal disputes. 

Criminal Law: Issues related to crime, as described in the Canadian Criminal Code

Legal Help Tips

  • If you are searching for legal help online, be sure to include “BC” in your keyword search
  • A great online resource for all legal issues is Clicklaw BC
  • If you have a legal problem, it is a good idea to talk to a lawyer to get legal advice. Even if you are going to handle your own case, a lawyer can help you at every step in the legal process. See the answer for “How can I get free legal advice in BC?” to learn about services provided by Legal Aid BCAccess Pro Bono and BC Advocates.